What Should You Consider When Choosing The Right Biocide




It is essential to adopt an all-encompassing approach when selecting biocide company. The characteristics of microbial communities are an indication of their environment. The beginning of the process is a bacterium present in the feedwater used by a cooling facility. Temperature, sterilization methods, equipment materials and the external environment all influence the kinds of bacteria that thrive as does the potential danger to the quality of equipment and the safety of human health.

Biocides can be used to prevent the growth of bacterial, dissolve biofilms and filter water to prevent the formation of sediment and deposits. To select the most effective biocide to use in your system, you need to take into account all the elements listed above while adhering to the regulations of industry on the use of chemical substances.

Food and beverage businesses that are part of dairy farms could utilize recycled condensate (COW) water in their cooling systems to be a conserving and cost-effective practice.

Case Study on Dairy How an IROBiocide client stopped shut downs and grew the amount of revenue

IROBiocide is dairy operations that use COW water to make up the cooling tower. To get rid of the biological build-up, the dairy had shut down its whey powder manufacturing line at least two times per year.

The slime buildup could be easily due to COW water since cow water is high in nutrients that encourage bacteria growth. IROBiocide technicians examined the entire facility, and found that although COW water did contain a part in the bioslime, the main issue was the lactose drying unit that is next to the cooling tower. The dryer blows lactose-related sugars into the air, and the sugars, when combined with the COW water created an environment where bacteria flourished.

IROBiocide has developed an water management device that utilizes chlorine dioxide to break down biofilms and to penetrate makeup water. The facility has not had any shutdowns over the course of one year. It was able to avoid downtime, which resulted in lower maintenance costs and a rise in revenue.




Examine. Check. Confirm.

IROBiocide's most effective method of developing the biocide strategy is to inspect the environment and check for sulfurate, iron, and other nutrients. This helps determine the condition of the system. It also helps determine what biocide to use and how much.

When the new treatment regimen is in place, it is necessary to give the system time to clean itself up. Then, further tests are performed to ensure that the new treatment program is working or any adjustments are required.

The right IRO Biocide can save money by reducing downtime, maintenance costs and increasing production efficiency. Does your company have the most effective Biocide? To get a no-cost assessment make contact with an IROBiocide representative today.

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