The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Healing Crystals


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The days of healing crystals being the go-to option for hippies seeking a way to get their bodies back are over. Today the healing crystals trend is getting more mainstream and also finding their way into modern women's routines for skincare and wellness. If you don't ignore them completely it's likely that you're part of the crystals movement remember those face rollers, or the DIY? They're usually made of healing stones such as jade, rose quartz, or amethyst. What is the best way to make it all work together to encourage "healing"? These are the essentials that every beginner should be familiar with when using healing crystals.

How Do They Do They Work?

Crystals have been used by civilizations dating back to early Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese civilizations. While ancient people utilized crystals Singapore to protect themselves (ancient Greeks believed haematite was their guardian during war, while ancient Egyptians used topaz to repel nightmares and evil spirits) The healing properties of crystals have also been utilized in a modern context. Today, crystals can be utilized in a variety of ways, for example, helping increase clarity of mind to manifest your desires and balance your internal energy.

Imagine them as tiny sources of energy. They are composed of minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, and emit a tiny amount of electric charge. This is not unlike the human body which emits an electrical charge (since we're made up of molecules and atoms that are charged particles).

And because each crystals Singapore resonates at their respective frequency, your body responses to them differently. This is why certain crystals can be appealing to you but not to your friend. This is which crystals are more effective when utilized in various situations.

Crystals aren't a magical procedure that leaves you enlightened. It's purpose is to help you ascertain what you'd like to achieve (be it clearing out negativity in your mind and within your environment or let go of past emotional baggage) and so that your actions can become aligned with your mind by the manifestation of your desires.

Selecting Your Crystals

As we've mentioned before, various crystals emit different vibrational energy, so each crystal bring about their own benefits. Let your crystals decide to do the crystal healing for you. If you're in the market for crystals, it's best to go to a physical shop to hold every single crystal for a couple of minutes and then see how you respond to it. Do not fret about the numerous benefits of crystals and take your time and listen to your inner voice.




They are the most commonly used crystals, and the best way to use them.

Rose Quartz

In the area of crystal the pink stones are usually associated with love. Like other pink crystals can help restore trust, love, and respect. This can be used to improve relationships with other people as well as with yourself. People also utilize this to find relief from grief and also to increase empathy and compassion.

It can be used during meditation. Simply place it with your hands and you will be more conscious of the world around you. It can be placed around your home to encourage peace between your loved ones.


Often used to bring about positive energy, motivation, and clarity Citrine is believed to release negative traits such as self-doubt. In addition, it can help improve concentration and creative thinking.

It is possible to carry a small crystal in your purse each day, or keep it at work to profit from the benefits.

Blue Lace Agate

Those who are prone to stress and anger could take advantage of the calm and relaxing properties of blue lace agate. It works with the throat chakra, this stone helps to promote better communication by helping you stay clear of angry or resentful remarks while ensuring that you are able to effectively communicate your message.

A small-sized stone is something that most people carry with them. You can also use it to make jewelry, such as necklaces or pendants, to keep it near your throat chakra.


It is known for its capacity to shield against negative energies and cleanse your mind of thoughts that are negative amethyst is yet another stone that can easily for incorporated into your everyday life. It also emits a calming energy, which is the reason it's often used in meditation.

It is not uncommon to see an enormous gorgeous amethyst stone positioned around people's homes as decor as well as to emanate its tranquil energy. A few people also set an amethyst bowl with small stones in their bedroom to help promote a sense of tranquility and peace to help sleep better.


An ideal stone for people who are new in crystal healing Selenite (and other crystals that are clear and white stones) are known to be extremely "absorbent" and therefore ideal for cleaning a space and purging it of negative energy. It's also ideal for meditation as it helps clear your mind so that it is easier to concentrate.

Often, it is placed near windows and doors to keep out negative energy, it is also recommended to place selenite at your work place to shield you from harmful energy.

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