How To Properly Operate A PCD Reamer ?




Polycrystalline diamond PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) is an artificial tool material that is used to make metal, plastic and wood.

The material is highly sought-after due to its durability and hardness.

The characteristics of PCD tools include longevity of service and a high cutting speed and consistent, stable quality.

What is the best way to use a PCD Reamer?

A PCD Reamer is a rotary tool with one or more teeth that remove a thin layer of metal over the top of a hole that has been machined and a rotary finishing tool with a straight or helical edge to ream or repair holes.

Solutions and problems using the PCD reamer

1. Increased the size of the pore

Appropriately reduce the outer diameter of the PCD reamer combination according to the particular situation; decrease the cutting speed; appropriately alter the feed rate or reduce the machining allowance; choose a cutting fluid with better cooling performance; check different equipment prior to machining to reduce the possible impact.

2. Aperture shrinkage

Alter the diameter of the outside of your PCD Reamer. Change the cutting speed and feed. Choose an oily cutting liquid that has outstanding lubrication properties. For experimental cutting be sure to adjust the allowance and sharpen your PCD Reamer.

3. Life expectancy of PCDs with low PCD Reamers

It is possible to select the best PCD reamer material according to the material used for processing. The PCD reamer may also be used.

4. The accuracy of the position of the reamed hole is outside of tolerance

Regularly replace the guide sleeve and lengthen the guide sleeve in order to increase the precision of the guide sleeve, as well as the reamer clearance. Immediately repair the machine tool and adjust the spindle bearing clearance.

5. Reamer tooth chipping

Modify the pre-machined hole size; reduce the material hardness or employ an angle that is negative for a PCD reamer, or a carbide reamer; control the swing to be within the appropriate range.

6. Reamer shank broken

Modify the aperture size of the machined; modify the distribution of allowances, and then select the cutting quantity in a reasonable manner. Reduce the amount of pcd reamer combination, expand the chip area or reduce the gap between the teeth by one tooth.




7. After reaming the hole, the centerline is not straight

To correct the hole to correct the hole, increase the reaming and boring; adjust the Polycrystalline Diamond reamer to the right setting; replace the reamer with the extended or guide cutting part.

8. The inner surface of the hole is adorned with obvious features

Reduce the reaming allowance and reduce the clearance angle of the cutting part and adjust the machine tool spindle.

9. The inner holes have a very high surface roughness

Reduce the speed of cutting Select the cutting fluid based on the processing material; appropriately cut down on the reaming allowance reduce the number of PCD reamer teeth in accordance to the situation. increase the space of the chip groove , or use a pcd reamer manufacturer with an inclination angle to make the removal of chips smooth.

10. The inner hole is not round.

Choose a qualified PCD reamer to control hole position tolerance during preprocessing; choose an reamer with a different pitch and select a larger and more precise guide sleeve. When using an equal pitch reamer to make an accurate hole the spindle clearance on the machine tool needs to be adjusted and the clearance of the guide sleeve should be larger or an appropriate clamping technique should be employed to reduce the clamping force.

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