How To Begin Acrylic Button Making Manufacturing Business




The button making business is an all weather business that can be started with a minimal start-up expense. Acrylic buttons are mainly used in the manufacturing of ready-made garments. The demand for buttons is exceptionally high all through the year. The business doesn't require much space and can be run from your home. Additionally, if you are an individual from a small town and want to start an enterprise that is small in size, button maker business can be a lucrative choice. Steps to Follow in Starting an Acrylic Button Manufacturing Business

Acrylic Button Making Production Procedure

The process of manufacturing buttons is straightforward.

These are the basic steps

Polyester Mixing

The first step is to source the polyester at your local store. Polyester is readily available in liquid form. Place the liquid in the container for storage. Include catalyst as well as wax into it If you want to make buttons that are colored, add dye of that color.

Mix the Mixture

The mixture is then poured in a rotating stainless steel cylinder. You need to measure the amount of polyester that needs to be poured according to the size of the buttons to be created.

Harden the Polyester

After about half an hour, the polyester solution thickens to a solid form in the drum of the cylinder rotating. The hardened solution settles in the middle, while the wax remains at the top and bottom of the cylinder.

Take the sheet off

Once the sheet has reached the desired degree of hardness, pull it out of its cylindrical container and set it on a wooden desk.

Make the Blanks

The client can order blanks cut to specific sizes or diameters.

Cool the Blanks

Because the blanks are too hot for handling, you need to cool them down. The most efficient coolant is saltwater. After cooling the saltwater for a half hour, you can transfer the blanks into the tank with cold water. After the water has cooled completely, you'll have to dry it. A centrifugal drying device is a good option for drying.

Design and Finishing the Blanks

As per the requirements of the client, design the blanks accordingly. To ensure that it is perfect complete it by scrubbing off any rough edges.




Button Making Machine Price

A manual-driven machine is a good option if you're just starting out and are trying water for the first time. It's a great value, starting at Rs. 2500 in India. Amazon has the ability to provide an estimate of the cost.

If you're interested in starting your own small-scale manufacturing enterprise, the price of machinery will be 5 Lacs in Indian rupees. The following equipment: Acrylic Sheet Cutting Machine, Drilling Machine button maker, Button's Edge Grinding Machine as well as the manual tools.

Develop a business strategy

To be successful to be successful, you must have an effective business plan prior to begin your business. Develop a business strategy that includes an extensive budget, marketing plan, business formation details and so on. Create a business registration with the appropriate licenses required to begin your business. Be aware that only a registered company can take part in trade fairs, tenders, and availing government. subsidies.

Finally, there is no doubt that the manufacturing of buttons is set to grow significantly in India. The reason for this is that demand for designer buttons is bound to rise as more and people choose to purchase ready-made clothing and other clothing.

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