4 Benefits Of Getting A Water Treatment System In Our Home


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All pathogens and bacterial species found in drinking water are absorbed by your body. It all depends on where you live and the source of your municipal water is and the quality of your water, it might not be as healthy to drink as you believe. The Environmental Protection Agency has information and instructions for water testing at your home.

While tap water may be safe, it might not taste as great as you'd prefer. It's possible to prefer drinking bottled water which, in addition to being costly, also creates a huge amount of waste plastic.

What's the solution? Install a best water treatment in Ohio. Find out more about the numerous benefits of having filtered drinking water at your disposal.

1. A healthier body equals cleaner water

Water treatment systems remove more than 2,100 types of lead, toxins and microorganisms that are present in tap water. These contaminants can cause serious health problems.

Consuming large quantities of chlorine can cause colon, bladder, and rectal cancers. Drinking lead-contaminated water can cause illnesses resembling influenza, intellectual impairments as well as negative prenatal effects. Filtered water also removes bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium, which can trigger major gastrointestinal disease.

These potentially hazardous substances that are added to your home's drinking water might not have an impact on your health as an adult. But if you're babies or young children the contaminants could weaken their immune systems, which are already weak.

2. It's more cost-effective than buying Bottled Water

An average American consumes 176 gallons per day of water, including for cooking and showering. Also, we drink at the least half gallon each day.




Our drinking water costs will increase if we rely on bottled water for our primary water source that is used to drink and cook with. Business Insider estimates that bottled water costs $300 more than tap water, at $1.22 per gallon. It is estimated that water filtered that is produced by home filters can cost between $.10 to $.20 per gallon.

A home filtration system may cost homeowners anywhere from $1,500 to $2,300. In time, the initial price of installing best water treatment in Pennsylvania is much lower than what you'd pay for bottled water.

3. Making use of water that is better tasting can make home-cooked meals taste better

People are more likely to consume filtered water instead of tap water. This is true even for those who enjoy cooking.

Tap water can give you some of the same taste like tap water. Filtered water that has been treated by water purification system can make the food you cook at home taste better.

4. It Creates Less Plastic Waste than water bottles.

Americans consume around 50 billion water bottles a year, however only 38 billion bottles get recycled. The water bottles we do not recycle are worth $1 billion of plastic, or 17 million barrels of crude oil.

A large portion of the waste we don't recycle is disposed of in landfills or within the Pacific Ocean. The biggest ocean garbage dump in the world contains enough floating plastic to be covered by Texas twice. You can use reusable water bottles as a replacement for plastic bottles using best water treatment in Ohio.

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